Enjoy Australian Winter to the Fullest With These Fun Activities

Australian winter is pretty much different from winters on other regions of the planet. Winter here is mostly composed of rainy days and cold weather. With this condition every day, it’s very tempting to just stay bundled up indoors and wait for the sunny days to come back. However, for the sake of your health (and to enjoy these three months of winter), you still need to stay active during these times. Whether you’re a tourist or a local, here are the best and most interesting winter activities to do when in Australia.

Watch a Sled Dog Race

Sled dog races are a popular event in Australia. If you’re a dog lover or simply want to explore fun winter events, try watching this amazing race. A race called Falls Creek Dog Sled Classic is held at Falls Creek every August 4 to 5. If you want more, witness the Annual Dinner Plain Sled Dog Challenge which is usually held on August 11 and 12.

Dark MOFO Festival

If you’re looking for some thrill during this cold season, then the Dark MOFO Festival is a perfect event for you to witness. It is just like a regular festival, with all the music, performances, light displays and feasts, but with a darker theme. Because of its pagan origins, most of the events are scheduled at night. This event is held at Hobart’s City annually every June.

Go Ice Skating

Winter is surely the best time of the year to go ice skating. While there are plenty of ice skating rinks open the whole year round, never miss the chance to go skating on the beach. The Winter Magic Festival offers a wonderful ice skating rink for everyone to enjoy. You have lots of time to enjoy because the rink will be there for almost a month, between the months of June and July. Don’t forget to don your Frozen Couture ice skating apparel to keep you comfortable and safe while you skate.

Log Cabins and Fires

Log cabins and fires are perfect to keep you warm during winter. If you’re looking for ways to relax, try spending a weekend in one of these places. You’ll surely feel the stress leave you immediately. Most log cabins are built where you can be near with nature. Wombat Valley and Victoria are just some of the most popular destinations of people looking for log cabin accommodations.

Vivid Sydney

In contrary with the Dark MOFO Festival, Vivid Sydney is the festival of light. Watch wonderful light displays, sculptures and exhibitions coupled with music and other performances only in Sydney. This event makes the entire city literally light up with beauty during winter. Visit Sydney from May 25 to June 16 to experience the fun.

Visit the Great Barrier Reef

Australian winter has moderate temperature so you can still go for a dive during this time. The Great Barrier Reef is a sight that shouldn’t be missed and the winter months are just the peak season for divers and tourist who want to witness its beauty.

There are actually plenty of fun activities you can do to make the most of your winter. Put on your winter clothes and go explore the outdoors.