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     have scorecards and analyses for all Men's International cricket 'classes' - for every Test, ODI, T20I, and IPL Match

   include data from 18 other 'classes' - all Australian 1st Class, Sheffield Shield, domestic ODs, T20s, and Futures League (2006 on) and T20F (from 2009),
    England's domestic T20, recent (from 1990 on) English 1st Class, ECC, and List A OD Matches, and the Plunket Shield and other NZ competitions (list A etc)

   CSW for women has scorecards and analyses for every Women's International (Test, ODI, T20I) and all Australian T20 Matches
    as well as 17 Seasons of the the domestic One Day competition, the WNCL (from 1996)

   CSW has more than 2,100 records and analyses for each 'class', all of which can be filtered (using any permutation of more than 100 parameters)

   with full database functions - search, filter, qualify, sort, save (.TXT, .TSV, .CSV or .HTM)

   biographical information for all players - more than 11,000 cricketers!

   provides the means for users to add their own photos, Match and player notes - create your own Encyclopaedia of cricket

   100s of statistical ratings of players, performances, Teams - all of which can be 'filtered' - many unique to CSW

   the latest scorecards and other data are always available by download or email after every Match

"There's a story on every page"    "you've changed the way we broadcast cricket"    "CSW is the greatest development since Bill Frindall first put pen to paper"

   regarded as the world's best by Test players, commentators and journalists for over 20 years

   CSW is the data source for the ABC Cricket Book, the Bradman Museum and International Cricketing Hall Of Fame ... etc

   CSW databases are used by the England Team and Counties, Australian State Teams, National and International TV, radio and print Media

   for information, or to order CSW, available to the general public from only A$50, contact Ric Finlay (Tastats) -