latest changes - analyses and filters added most recently to CSW's databases    last updated July 5th 2014

CricketWorld produces internationally acclaimed computer statistics programs for cricket commentators, journalists, authors, and the general public.

  There are more than 2,200 analyses in CSW. "Release notes" are available, though these pages, or from Ric Finlay at

  each analysis can be filtered, qualified and sorted. One minute looking at each means more than 6 days at 6 hours per day just to look at them all.
Then there are the actual scorecards, more than 20,000 of them, and more than 11,000 players ... all with available details which can be edited as well...

some of the recent additions to CSW's databases are here - click on the links to open or save the files        [see also other recent additions]

   player’s batting statistics from a (user specified) period in days        (2207)
 results in each player’s Matches from a (user specified) period in days       (2208)
 each player’s batting statistics from a (user specified) period in Matches      (2209)
 results in each player’s Matches from a (user specified) period in Matches       (2210)

 age of players in their nth (user specified) Match         (2211)
 participation in Matches by players, summarising data for analysis 2195         (2212, 2213, 2214)
 the duration of each Match in days (by different measures)         (2195)
 runs scored by players in each calendar month         (2215)
 most wickets taken by players on one day of a Match         (2216)
 results of Matches in a Test Series         (2217)

 batting effectiveness ratings by different measures    'Gilly Factor' etc    (2218)
 entertainment "rating” and "index" of players         (2219, 2220)
 table of results for a (user nominated) Season         (2221)
 each players four best (and worst 4) scores, bowling         (2222, 2223, 2224, 2225)
 each players four fastest scoring (and slowest 4) Innings         (2226, 2227)
[ask Ric Finlay for the release notes for 2228 and especially, 2229 - the TARI rating!]           (2228, 2229)