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  Remember that each analysis can be filtered, qualified and sorted. , and all scorecards and player bios can be edited as well...
   possible milestones after each player's next Innings  (includes 'if..only' for retired players)  (2152, 2153)
 Team scores without ...    (eg 'highest Team scores without an indivdual 100'   2174 to 2179)
 highest proportion of any Team's score by a player    batting order is given  (2180, 2181)
 most consecutive Matches from debut  and other statistics   (2182)
 number of players who did and did not contribute in a Match (specified: batting bowling catching)   (2183, 2184)
 bowling milestones possible in a player's next Match similar to 2152 ,,   (2185)
 individual scores as % of all Team scores in all Innings (alternative displays)   (2186, 2187)

most recent ...
 details (various) of player's performance in debut, and in last Innings (alternative displays)   (2188 to 2192)
 summary of results by Calendar Year, and by Season   (2193, 2194)
 the duration of each Match with details    days set, actually played, and dates are all given   (2195)
 the number of set overs in each limited overs Match  plus results, Match dates and more ..  (2196)
 out twice in a Match in the same mode  7 analyses - includes both 'not out's ..  (2197)
 all-round career statistics  (emphasising averages and rates) ..  (2204)    and    player codes & prime numbers   (career batting statistics)  (2205)
 how to edit a save as .html file ,   making a webpage collection   and    a new career 'filter'   (how to use it)  
 opponents of each player   significant changes described in this re-release ..  (1868)
 player's participation with results and captaincy data   ..  (2206)

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