more additions - analyses and filters added previously to CSW's databases      last updated May 7th 2014

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more additions to CSW's databases - click on the links below to open or save the files        [see also older additions for more]

   proportions of Team's runs scored and balls faced and  balls bowled and wickets taken for Teams by players  
 least elapsed days, Matches, & Innings to score [specified] runs at any stage  and statistics for batsmen  
 4 new analyses showing scores, averages and runs after each batsman's nth Innings  (12 at a time, the start set by the user)
 most partnerships (specified) in each Innings, and Match  (by players in one Team, and both Teams)
 four new Venue records for Team scores  (average score, actual scores, runs scored at each Venue, with leading Teams)
 seven new analyses  for all-round milestones described  
 bowling pairs ('partnerships')  (analyses 2125 to 2129 described)
 CSW's 'equivalence' calculation and more in analysis 2123  (showing why 100 wickets and 3,000 runs are 'equivalent')
 all batting performances in a 'follow-on' Innings  
 runs and batting averages at combinations of positions in the order  (specified by the user)

most recent ...
 career runs made at each position in the batting order  
 runs chases and the outcomes (results)  
 players' participation and days they actually batted   (2133)
 most times not out at close of play (summary)  (2134)     and  most times not out at each COP & end of Match   (2135)
 notes on analyses 2136 to 2138 are also available from David Fitzgerald at
 a new approach to rating all-rounders   (2139)
 what happened on each day of every Match   (2140)
 players' ages in partnerships - the old and the new   (2141)
 results of Matches by home/away/neutral venue for a specified Team   (2142)
 statistics from each player's last Season  (batting and bowling)   (describes 2145, 2146)  
 Mathematical sequences in players' consecutive scores  (Fibonacci, Lucasian etc)   (2147 to 2151)

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