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additions to CSW's databases - click on the links below to open or save information (.doc) files

 sectional milestones (hundreds, fifties) (S100s, S50s)
 outcomes analyses described   (with many recent changes)
 Team Bowling Units (TBUs) explained ..  
 introduction to CSW2's new linear graphing function  (for CSW2 only)
 how to make a website - automatically  (and accompanying html file list as an Excel spreadsheet)
 how to edit a save as .html file    and  using the files to make a webpage collection

 Match awards for players ,   and most consistent batsmen  
 each player's participation in Matches  and  participation in Finals  
 least elapsed days, Matches, & Innings to take [specified] wickets at any stage  (statistics for bowlers also described)  
 4 new analyses showing scores, averages and runs after each batsman's nth Innings  (12 at a time, the start set by the user)
 most partnerships (specified) in each Innings, and Match  (by players in one Team, and both Teams)
 changes to A #1901  (averages of each bowler's victims, with comparisons)
 four new Venue records for Team scores  (average score, actual scores, runs scored at each Venue, with leading Teams)
 'when and where' ..39 analyses with details of Innings in which a 'special event' occurred  (highest score, best bowling etc)
 2053, 2056, 2057, and 2078 describe more of the new "when and where" analyses  
 all bowlers and their main victimsbatsmen and their main nemeses & each batsman's best 12 scores  (with totals & averages)
 milestone statistics after N balls faced  (scoring rates)  and specified score  (between minm and maxm, and number of times it was done)
 the greatest proportion of runs scored and wickets taken by players  (2088 for runs, 2089 for wickets - both described)
 player's representation in Teams (and a Team) by place of birth (all Matches, or see details from a specified Match)

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