An Unforgettable Experience For All Golf Lovers

Are you a golf lover looking for the perfect getaway? There are many options that can tap into your love for the sport and offer you various other services. You can visit the place alone or with family and friends.  Select a place that can offer you multiple facilities in addition to opportunities for playing the game itself.

Golf Facilities

Look for facilities related to golf itself, since this is your main requirement. Select a club such as Murray River Resort that consists of basic facilities like a West and East course. The location is also important. If you are visiting with friends, then look for a place away from the rush of city life. One that is situated in a calm and quiet area will be soothing for you and everyone else.

You can also look for packages. For example, stay and play package are available for affordable prices.

Need to make your kids love the sport as much as you do? Look for clubs that conduct regular clinics for juniors and beginners. You can consider enrolling kids in such programs. Ideal programs should cover core areas of the sport such as iron play, rules, etiquette, and course management.  

Clubs also consists of pro shops for all your golf needs. Most shops should have collection of exciting golfing equipment, apparel, accessories and souvenirs. Certain shops are also opened throughout the week for your convenience. In addition to modern equipment, golf vouchers are now available. If you have doubts about a friend’s choice or particular golf needs, a voucher is an ideal gift.

What more than an experienced team to offer solid advice and repair services including, re-gripping and re-shafting your clubs? Look for clubs that can offer all such services.  

A Whole New Dining Experience

Most clubs have multiple dining options such as impressive cafes & kids lounge, modern TAB & Sports Bar facilities and fully refurbished Bistro coupled with breathtaking golf course views. In addition to the variety of food you prefer, select an affordable place.

Kids’ rooms are a specialty, especially if they are situated close to the café. Bright colors and attractive toys can keep your children well occupied irrespective of age and gender, with a clear view for you to keep a close watch.

Multiple Facilities To Enjoy!

You can also be benefitted by a wide range of facilities including ATMs, beautiful gardens, bars, BBQs, laundry facilities, gym equipment, scenic drives, parking and a spa among many others. Meeting rooms and conference facilities allow you to fulfill your formal duties whenever you are not playing the sport.

A Place To Celebrate Important Occasions

If you and your partner are ardent golf fans, what more than celebrating the most important day of your lives in a golf club itself? Select a club that contains all the necessities to celebrate an occasion. You can exchange vows outdoors and enjoy the reception indoors.

Make the best choice and you will be rewarded in unimaginable ways!